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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

If I get your bonuses, do I still get James Wedmore's?
YES — of course! You get all of James’ incredible bonuses PLUS mine!
When do I get all of your bonuses?
Our bonuses will begin delivering on or before July 31, 2024
Do I only have a limited amount of time to use your bonuses?

Yes and no… the live event is a one-time event that will take place in 2025 in the USA (but even if you can’t attend LIVE, you’ll receive access to the recordings). The group calls will also be recorded and you’ll continue to have access to them for as long as you’re a student of BBD.

How do I ensure that I get all of your bonuses?
Click on the link below to join. Once you’ve joined through my link, send your confirmation email to our team at and we’ll make sure you receive all of your amazing bonuses!
Will I have access to Rachel to ask her questions?
YES! Rachel will be available for each of the group coaching calls, at the live event, and during your 1:1 strategy session!
If I have Rachel's other courses, will I still need BBD?

Yes! BBD is the course that helped put Rachel on the map! It’s different from the Academy as well as Rachel’s other programs, and it’s a great compliment to what Rachel currently teaches.

If I already have BBD, can I purchase these bonuses?

Yes! Email our team at to learn how to purchase these bonuses separately!

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